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      1. [High strength of polypropylene]
        Release date:[2021/9/30] Is reading[42]次

        High strength of polypropylene: anti-aging, acid and alkali, light, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, sea water corrosion, unsupporting and other advantages.

        High-strength use of polypropylene, high-strength use: fire water belt, sling, seat belt, conveyor belt, woven geotechnical cloth, industrial line, cable, industrial filter cloth, etc., building enhancement materials, packaging materials and industrial fabrics.
        Polypropylene high strength wire Features: High strength of polypropylene is due to its anti-aging, high heat shrinkage, high strength and high anti-heating strength and impact force, making it a competitive fibrous material in the industry.

        Polypropylene high strength wire specification: 300D-1200D, color can be customized according to customer requirements.

        Guangdong Qingyuan Yitong Co., Ltd. produced polypropylene high-strength wire, specifications 300D-1200D, product performance anti-aging, acid and alkali, hot compression and specific gravity (0.91), high fracture strength, low elongation, wide environmental protection, extensive For industrial cloth, industrial filter cloth, aluminum alloy door window sealed hair strip, PVC hose reinforced gluten, sling, seat belt, conveyor belt, woven geotextile, industrial line, cable, fishing net, etc., is the dual polyester, nylon, New ideal materials for eraquory, nylon, glass fibers, and maintain long-term cooperative relations with domestic relevant large and medium-sized enterprises, and provide strong protection for their production!

        Polypropylene high strength wire products provide different specifications (300D-1200D), different twists (30 -400), can be quantified according to your needs.

        The polypropylene high-strength wire has the advantages of small color difference, good color fastness, high intensity, and is widely used in decorative belts, seat belts, marker lines and other industries.

        The polypropylene high strength is sewn cable, cable line, slit line, box line, bundle line, container line, etc. Be

        Guangdong Province Qingyuan Yitong Weibao Co., Ltd. specializes in production and sales: polypropylene, polypropylene light, polypropylene, 300D polypropylene, polypropylene, polypropylene plus, 300D polypropylene, 1200D polypropylene Silk, anti-aging, strong silk, anti-static Pu Wei silk, Yi Tong polypropylene plus silk, etc.

        Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province Autopass Weaving Co., Ltd. All rights reserved 粵ICP備18054673號-1
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