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      1. [Welcome to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Yitong Weaved]
        Release date:[2021/9/18] Is reading[62]次

        Ming Miles will send more than a thousand miles, and you will take the sky. It is also in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I miss my heart.

        A small courier, write a thoughts, put the house, thousands of mountains, and the thoughts of the family.

        At the sea, the end of the sea, the world, every time the festive season, the moon of the hometown is always round, the mother is looking for, and the children will return.


        On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Yi Tongwi woven the staff of the employee of the hometown to give greetings and a gift. I wish all the staff of Yitong Company and family members happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

        A letter of thanks to the gift box. Thanks to all the employees who have been fighting outside the hometown, they are supported by their families!

        Shunfeng brothers and staff carefully packaged, carefully check the address, recipients. This "Si Tong Mooncake" will be sent to all parts of the country at the fastest speed. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, all employees of Yi Tong have received this festive holiday gift in advance!

        On the Mid-Autumn Festival, Yitong Weaving also prepared a beautiful gift for each employee, thanking everyone who silently worked hard!

        The autumn wind is cool, Dangui fragrance, the moon is empty, the family is round, Yong Weibo Co., Ltd. wishes all the employees and new and old customers a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, the work is smooth, happy!

        Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province Autopass Weaving Co., Ltd. All rights reserved 粵ICP備18054673號-1
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