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      fluorescent pp yarn,fluorescent yarn;polyporpylen yarn,fluorescent polypropylene yarn
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      600D fluorescent pp yarn
      • fluorescent pp yarn,fluorescent yarn;polyporpylen yarn,fluorescent polypropylene yarn

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        The specifications as below:

        Item600D Fluorescent pp yarn
        Color Accept customized
        Color fastnessNormally III class
        Lead timeUsually within 1 week


        YITONG has specializing in multifilaments pp yarn and all kinds of webbing and ropes since 2004.YITONG is a powerful professional team,can produce customized products

        according to their requirements.Because of the excellent quality,skillful technology,fast

        delivery,competitive price and good service,YITONG enjoy a high reputation and get

        great supports from both domestic and foreign customers!

         YITONG mainly produce polypropylene filament yarn, which is characterized by low price, high strength and light density. Polypropylene filament yarn is mainly used for making various ropes, webbing, fishing net, packaging materials and industrial cloth. In addition, it is also widely used in clothing. It can be mixed with a variety of fibers to make different types of blended fabrics. It can be knitted into shirts, coats, sportswear, socks, etc.

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